Thank you! <3

Thank you! <3

As an apology for being so inactive these days, I am making sure the queue is held up with a decent amount of confessions.

So far, I have enough to last through the next two days. And I will make sure it doesn’t dwindle any time soon.

Just want to let you all know for the millionth time how much I appreciate all of you.

<3 <3 <3

I have the queue filled up for the next two days!

Again, I apologize for being so complacent recently.

But I sincerely love and appreciate all of you for sticking with me this long.

You guys keep this blog running!

My inbox is spazzing out. For some reason it keeps multiplying the same confessions over and over again. It’s really confusing. Just another reason for me to publish them. Haha.

Hope everyone is doing well! Feels good to be back in the swing of things!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, drop by!

Or if you just wanna chat, that’s cool too! : )

For future reference!

Please don’t keep sending in the same confessions!

I understand my absence may have lead you to believe I haven’t received your confessions. But I have all of them, I swear! : )

I am getting to all of them now. It just gets really confusing when my ask box has a bunch of repeat confessions.

So I feel really guilty about not being around to give this blog the attention it deserves.

But that is going to change! I’m sorry for the inactivity!

I just loaded up some confessions in the queue. Which is pretty much where I will be putting them from now on just so the blog is more active. I still have a lot of confessions in the ask box that need some attention and they will all be posted within time. Although, I know a lot of you have waited so long already. But posting a chunk of them all at once gives me more to do later. So the queue will even them out.

The ask box is still open. I will let you know if it isn’t.

I promise, the inactivity of this blog will change, starting this week!

Love you all for sticking with me!

The queue is packin’ with confessions!


My birthday is the day after tomorrow! Awww yeeaahhh!

I’ve written out a semi lengthy post about my response and feelings towards the confession about the sexism and woman-bashing and Kurama should be born a woman thing.

Debating on whether or not I will post it. It was mainly written to get my feelings out on paper.